Fired in Tampa

Jerome Ritchey, host of WTSP's (Tampa) Studio 10 says that the station has fired him. The station bills Studio 10 as the Bay Area's only truly live, local, mid-morning talk show, Monday through Friday at 9:00 a.m.

Ritchey posted the news on his Facebook Page just a short time ago:

"Friday July 25, 2014 was a milestone day in my broadcasting career, for the first time ever...I GOT FIRED. I was told immediately after Friday's show that a decision was made to take Studio 10 in a different direction. I do wish I had been offered the opportunity to say thanks to the incredible group of people that make Studio 10 possible, and that I have had the good fortune to work with over the last six years."

atchet doesn't know what he'll do next:

"As for me, my foot is on the accelerator as I search for my next adventure! I hope to see you all again someday. I'll keep you posted. You should also know that my least favorite word, is "goodbye" so with that in mind, I'll simply say, "Be seeing you.""

His bio remains on the station's website.... for now. 

End of an Era in Chicago

Tonight is the night.....

Tonight will be the last time viewers see Robin Robinson on the air at WFLD in Chicago.

After 27 years at the Fox O&O, Robinson will deliver her last story. 

Robinson has been reporting for the station for the past 8 months, after the station pulled her from the air as the Main Anchor. 

Robert Feder says that Colleagues said Robinson cleaned out her office Sunday. No send-off for her has been announced or planned.

She had been with the station since they launched a news operation in 1987. 

Longtime Houston News Director Resigns

Longtime KTRK News Director Dave Strickland is resigning from the station.

Strickland had been M-I-A from the station for the past few weeks and rumors were flying that he would soon be leaving. 

On Friday, Strickland told the staff in a memo that he was leaving.

In the memo, Strickland cited the job was affecting his family, life and personal relationships.

Strickland was news director for 14 years. He started at KTRK as an intern, worked his way up to sports producer, then news producer. In between his KTRK time, Strickland was news director of WAVYNorfolk, Virginia.

KTRK general manager Henry Florsheim sent a staff email thanking Strickland for his service and recounting all of the advances Strickland made to the station during his tenure. "It’s almost impossible for me to express the impact Dave Strickland has had on Eyewitness News over the nearly decade and a half he has served as News Director. During his tenure, he’s overseen the greatest and most rapid expansion of news programming in the station’s existence," Florsheim said in the memo.

No interim news director has been named.

H/T Mike McGuff

Green Bay Station's Live Truck is Dead

A WBAY news crew had a scary situation, when their live truck blew a tire, went off the road and rolled over.

Reporter Patrick Nelson and Photojournalist Will Sentowski were inside when the truck crashed. The station says both were able to "walk away from the vehicle with nothing more than bumps and bruises."

Looking at photos from the crash scene, it appears that WBAY might want to put some new tire money in the budget.

That tire looks like it was in rough shape before it blew.

Just saying.... 

Jeff Zucker Holds Another CNN Town Hall Meeting

Jeff Zucker held another one of his "town hall" meetings with the staff last week.

Sources tell FTVLive that it was run of the mill stuff with the only thing worth noting, Zucker said he is shifting his focus to online. Now that Zucker has fixed CNN's morning show and turned it into a ratings powerhouse, the CNN boss is ready to make CNN's online presence "better".

This meeting did not feature any "shock questions" like the last go around.

Sources tell FTVLive that every question was carefully screened this time. 

Matt and Al All Over Sharknado 2

Someone at NBC thought it would be a good idea to include the Today Show as a big part of the cheesy movie Sharknado 2.

NBC's "Today" gets at least a half dozen scenes in "Sharknado 2," which premieres Wednesday on Syfy.

Some (FTVLive) would argue that participating in such crap diminishes the "Today" brand and throws out what's let of their credibility. 

In the TV movie, Matt Lauer and Al Roker pop in frequently to update viewers on the "sharknado" sweeping New York City.

Roker warns of "weather you've never seen before," and Lauer adds, "All you can do is just shake your head." Later, Roker describes a sharknado as "a twister with teeth" and confides, "I'm downright scared."

Lauer initially has trouble saying "sharknado" but gets with the program, and Roker warns of "a storm of biblical proportions." That storm even materializes on the "Today" anchor desk, and Lauer has to take matters into his own hands.

The Orlando Sentinel says that it's more gruesome than Ann Curry's exit.


George Zimmerman to Appeal NBC Lawsuit

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 6.45.34 AM.png

George Zimmerman has a lot of time on his hands, so he has decided to try and continue his fight with NBC News.

Zimmerman sued NBC for defamation after NBC's editing of a story on the shooting made it sound as if Zimmerman voluntarily told an operator that Martin was black.

Zimmerman has filed a notice to appeal the dismissal of his defamation lawsuit against NBC and three reporters.

The judge tossed the case back in June. Zimmerman is appealing the judge's ruling. 

It's not like he doesn't anything else to do.

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