CNN Breaking News: The Titanic Sunk

CNN continues to become more of a laughing stock when it comes to their news coverage. 

Since Jeff Zucker took over at CNN, the network has not been afraid to put the "breaking news" banner on anything and everything. 

Just look at the missing plane story which has been "breaking" for well over a month on CNN.

But CNN sunk to new depths (pun) when they reported that the Titanic sunk 102 years.

How the hell this is breaking news?!  Only Jeff Zucker knows the answer to that one. 

H/T Mediaite

Bumping Up the Producer and Adding an 11PM Newscast

WXMI in Grand Rapids is adding a 10PM newscast starting June 2. News Director Brooks Blanton told the staff that 44% of the viewers that watch WXMI's 10PM newscast, watch another stations newscast at 11PM.

Which means the people in Western Michigan are news hungry, or WXMI does fulfill all their needs at 10PM.

Also, Blanton says that "darn good Producer" (My God the language) Paul Cicchini is being bumped up (or down) to a Reporter spot at the station.

Here's the internal memo sent to the staff: 

Back Again in Sac Town

Weather Anchor Patty Souza is returning to Sacramento to forecast at KTXL.

Here is the internal email that went out to the staff:

From: Chapuis, Ed
Date: April 15, 2014 at 5:36:14 PM PDT
Subject: Meteorologist Patty Souza

Join me in welcoming a new member to the FOX40 Weather Team.

Meteorologist Patty Souza will be doing fill-in weather on all of our newscasts, starting with this coming Monday April 21 on FOX40’s Morning News.   

Patty is a Sacramento weather veteran, working as Chief Meteorologist at News10 from 2006-2010 and as Morning Meteorologist at KCRA from 2002-2006.   She has also worked at WFTV in Orlando, WHBQ in Memphis, KULR in Billing and UTV-NAU in Flagstaff.    She has a Broadcast Journalism and Political Science degree from Northern Arizona University and a Broadcast Meteorology and Geoscience degree from Mississippi State University.    

For the last few years, Patty has run a Social Media Marketing and Web Design business in South Lake Tahoe.    

Welcome back, Patty!

Ed Chapuis
Vice President & News Director

Reporter Apologizes for Groping Woman

Criminal charges against WCAX (Burlington) Reporter Matt Henson were dropped after the ex-reporter apologized to the woman, according to Caledonia County State’s Attorney Lisa Warren.

Warren, responding by email to an inquiry from the Burlington Free Press, said she decided to dismiss prohibited acts and lewd and lascivious charges against Henson after he told the alleged victim he was sorry.

“The complaining witness told us from the beginning that all she wanted from Henson was a sincere apology,” Warren said in the email.

Henson and the woman met April 9 in a conference room at Warren’s office. Henson apologized to the woman and she indicated to Warren she “was satisfied with his apology and wanted to move on with her life.”

Warren also said the woman supported the dismissal of the criminal case against Henson.

Henson issued a statement after the charges were dismissed saying he was “glad this year’s long nightmare is over and I can finally move on with my life.” He also thanked those who had supported him during the last year.

According to police affidavits from the case, Henson allegedly groped a female student at a bar in March, 2013, then followed her outside and “forcibly pinned her against a wall.” She was able to get away from him.

Henson pleaded not guilty to the charges and was placed on leave from his job by WCAX. He was later fired while the charges were pending.

CNN's Jeff Zucker Heads to OfficeMax

And you thought the "ice desk" was bad.

CNN had moved their new Jeff Zucker experiment show “CNN Tonight” the field to the studio for day two.

Newscaststudio says that CNN is using the former studio of “Piers Morgan Tonight,” but it looks like a new desk wasn’t ready in time for the debut.

So, apparently Zucker ran to a local office supply store and bought a cheap “modern” office desk.

How crazy does this look? Very, especially since on wide shots you can see the old desk, sitting dead with no host.

“CNN Tonight” was quickly thrown together with a rotating cast of characters, using a left over studio, what could possibly go wrong? CNN is clearly waiting for one host to gel with viewers, then actually brand this hour… CNN just wanted to look like its shit was together for the upfronts.

Bill O'Reilly's Thoughts on CBS Hiring Colbert

Bill O'Reilly look time out of his show to give his thoughts about CBS hiring Stephen Colbert to replace Letterman.

O'Reilly says that the 40% of people that call themselves "conservative" will not watch Colbert on CBS. O'Reilly points out that it is giving up a lot of the audience before they even start.

Interestingly, O'Reilly did not point out that his show is not watched by the people that call themselves "liberal" and he seems to be doing just fine.

Just saying......

Tampa Anchor Saves Duckings

FTVLive gives big props to WTSP Anchor Reginald Roundtree after he helped save some baby ducks that fell into a storm drain.

Roundtree was out on a story in Tampa, he noticed a crowd gathered around a storm drain where four ducklings were trapped.

A worker helped get the 200-pound grate off so Reg could go in and scoop the little guys out.

He was finally able to get all four out of the drain and Mama Duck was off and running with the little ones behind her.

Let's go to the video:

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